Compliance and IAM leaders urged to consider automated solutions for improving control over SOD risks for SAP and other key business systems

DUBAI, UAE – July 26, 2015 – Today Meta-Byte Technologies announced that it has partnered with ERP Maestro® to help clients running SAP® automate access controls and segregation of duties monitoring quickly and affordably.

Business processes and technology change at a rapid pace. In the context of change, internal controls over financial reporting, regulatory requirements, internal and external auditors, and fraud risk put increased pressure on corporations to ensure ERP systems are secure and access control risks are managed in the context of a dynamic business environment.

ERP Maestro is a quick and simple cloud-based solution that automates Segregation of Duties, Sensitive Access, Emergency Access and Secure Provisioning in SAP. Because it is a SaaS solution, deployment is a matter of 30 minutes and flexible subscription pricing makes it easy to fit into any budget.

Make SAP Controls Simple

“With the increased scrutiny auditors are placing on Segregation of Duties (SoD), inherited rights, critical and super user access, changes to roles are too much for today’s organization to manage adequately in manual processes,” said Salil Dighe, Founder and CEO of Meta-Byte Technologies. “We are proud to now work with an emerging leader like ERP Maestro to solve this challenge for our clients running SAP.”

The solution monitors all transactions in SAP for conflicts down to the authorization level and features a selection of audit-ready reports out of the box. Business stakeholders can easily examine the organization’s potential risks related to access by user, role or transaction and then leverage this information to tactfully authorize to remove unutilized functionality or directly assign any available mitigating controls.

“As fraud increases and the cost of security audits rise for SAP and other ERP environments, we see the growing importance for organizations focused on SOD risk analysis to automate their SOD controls monitoring process. ERP Maestro is proud to work with Meta-Byte and their clients in the Middle East to accomplish our mission of helping SAP-centric organizations eliminate hundreds of man-hours involved in the compliance reporting process and improve risk posture at one of the most attractive price points in the industry.”
– Jody Paterson, CEO, ERP Maestro


About Meta-Byte Technologies

Meta Byte Technologies is a Dubai-based leading execution-oriented management and technology consulting firm in the Middle East. Meta Byte’s approach combines project and program leadership with deep domain expertise supported by technical, engineering and analytic excellence. Through its diverse capabilities, the company assist its customers improve their enterprise performance, enhance customer experiences and achieve innovative solutions.

Meta Byte is prevailed to have worked with the leading names in the industry and have successfully worked in niche technology areas to implement world class projects in Middle East region.

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About ERP Maestro 
ERP Maestro is a cloud-based solution that automates access controls in SAP®.  With no upfront cost and a 30-minute setup, ERP Maestro automatically monitors segregation of duty (SoD) compliance, sensitive access, emergency access and secure provisioning – allowing organizations to prevent fraud, pass corporate access audits and comply with regulatory and legislative requirements. Risk management is real-time and continuous, and audit-ready reporting is available out of the box. ERP Maestro has been recognized by Gartner as a representative vendor for SoD Monitoring Tools and honored by analyst firm GRC 20/20 with both the 2014 GRC Innovation and Value Awards.

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