Why join Metabyte?

At Metabyte, we’re constantly looking for challenges that require undivided focus and inspired energy from our end to ensure that we bring about positive, measurable impact in our clients’ businesses.

Our consultants are our core, and that is why we go that extra mile to ensure that the core is strengthened, both through professional accomplishment and personal fulfilment. At Metabyte, you will be encouraged to explore and define your own path, in sync with the growth of the company.

At Metabyte, you will be encouraged to explore and define your own path, in sync with the growth of the company.

Adding to this list of opportunities are our clients, who are some of the largest and most complex organisations in the world. We engage with them on critical projects, and if pursuing challenging new business opportunities and leading teams to find solutions are the kind of things that excite you, we look forward to hearing from you.


When you join us, you don’t just join an organisation- you become a part of the Metabyte family. You have the opportunity not only to find solutions to the various challenges faced by our clients, but also receive counsel from the leadership of the organisation.

Connect with those who inspire us- Our founders are personally invested in finding the highest caliber individuals to join the Metabyte team. We take pride in ensuring that every candidate meets with one of our core leaders as part of their first interview. From that first meeting to your first day on the job and beyond, our leadership is invested in helping you create the blueprint for your unique career path.

We invest in your learning – With the rate of change in today’s world, keeping yourself updated is the key to staying relevant. That is why at Metabyte, we invest deeply in the professional development of each of our consultants. Everyone learns differently, and we encourage exploring and leveraging all avenues for learning.

We are proud of our global perspective – The consultants we hire all hail from different cultural and professional backgrounds. Our work takes us all around the world, and we believe that having such a diverse workforce is one of our greatest assets.

We make time to pursue our passion – Be it extreme sports, or fronting a jazz band, we encourage our consultants to pursue their passions, both in and out of the office

We focus on building our teams – Team building is our core, and we believe the more we do as a unit, whether it’s tackling a challenge together, helping the local community through an act of social responsibility or just unwinding together after work, the stronger we become.

We give back to our community – Being compassionate is one of the key values we try to inculcate at Metabyte. Each individual’s passion to give back to the community is supported and encouraged by our leadership, either through CSR activities or personal pursuits.

What we look for

Metabyte consultants

Our consultants are our core.  That is why when we look for consultants, we’re seeking someone who is curious to learn, thrives on challenges, has the ability to master new skills and has a track record of success. Our best candidates believe success is defined by the real world impact achieved – both professionally and personally.

Freshers and Interns 

As an intern, your focus is to learn as much as you can, enhancing both your experience and network building. We ensure this by cultivating your potential and providing you with more opportunities, better feedback and stronger mentorship than you would receive at larger firms.
From day one, you will receive mentorship and training to help guide you in solving complex business problems and build a solid foundation for your career growth.

Experienced Consultants 

For those already in the field, but looking for something more than the mundane, Metabyte offers a variety of opportunities to learn and advance your career. We utilise the experience you already have, and empower you through a flexible working environment that gives you the freedom to move across practice groups and industries and experience a true variety of work. We’re here to help you broaden your skills and experiences, defining you not by what you have done, but by your potential to do great things.

Technical Experts

If addressing complex technical challenges excites you, at Metabyte, as a technical Engineer or Enterprise Architect, you will have unparalleled exposure to an exhaustive repository of technology. From Big Data to social media security, strategic planning to productization, and Information Security to Data Governance, we work on a variety of interesting problems for our clients. This experience will not only give you the opportunity of working with cutting-edge technology, but also help broaden your solution-finding horizon.

Senior  Business Manager

As a senior professional in the field, you might be looking to create new prospects and opportunities, with your strong base of clients. We at Metabyte are constantly looking to develop innovative solutions for existing challenges, and your expertise will be put to use in the best possible way.

If you would like to be considered for any of these posts at Metabyte, please send an email with your CV to info@meta-byte.com