First and foremost, the gap between business objectives and the mash of existing systems makes it hard to execute these objectives. Secondly, the gap between voice of the customer and existing technology prevent timely responses to the changing needs of customers. Thirdly, none of the vendors address this issue holistically, and usually do so separately. Most vendors pay more attention to technology products and show less empathy towards the business.

Metabyte Framework is a structure born out of this need, one that is truly comprehensive, fully integrated, and laser-focused on supporting businesses as a whole, completely from the inside to the outside.

Metabyte Framework is a combination of strategy, methodology and technology that integrates best practices, honed over many years in the field, validated by solving the problems of today, with an eye focused on the future. This combination transforms technology management from something that was at best a neutral factor for business, into a positive force for achieving goals.

Data is the core of our Framework, clearly demarcating between structured and unstructured data. Metabyte Framework is flexible enough to work from the core to outside or vice versa as per the organisation’s requirement.

Metabyte Framework starts with suggesting ways and means to accelerate underlying data by consolidating multiple servers. The next layer of the framework complies data visibility, manageability and access governance. It further ensures classification and tagging of data according to roles and responsibilities. All these combine together to form an intelligence, which manages risk and complies with regulations based on context aware decisions. Thus, it also acts as a base where any type of control like Data Leak Prevention, IDAM, AAA etc., can be plugged in.

The Framework then inspects various processes and standards, governing vertical and functional areas of the organisation. It identifies the gaps in standards and suggests optimisation. The whole process is mapped into a tight automation solution overseen by a Service Assurance Framework.

With regard to the interfacing layer with customers, the framework collects and triages big unstructured data from the web, social media, voice of customers etc.

This data is harvested, curated, sliced and diced to determine patterns and indicators of change, derive early warnings or just for general use. Metabyte Framework brings out the relevance and meaning of this data in many areas like strategic planning, product rollout, business automation or even for social media governance.

We’ve Got Everything Covered

Traditional or Mobile environments, technologies, processes, governance, vendors, assets—Metabyte Framework solves the chaos of managing them by addressing all of them with a single, integrated solution that seamlessly supports your business.

We Get The Whole Picture

Traditional and contemporary providers deal with you based on their own perspective. That leads to confusion, inefficiencies and over-reliance on a single piece of technology. We manage your business and technology environment holistically, giving you a better vision, while consolidating your business with world class processes.

We’ve Got Your Back

Our business is all about looking out for your business. We’re always on top of industry trends, technologies and the vendors that deliver them. As a result, we’re uniquely positioned to engineer the best, most innovative solutions for your company’s needs, at the very best value.

We Prevent Problems Now, And In The Future

We keep the underlying technology of your business running like a well-maintained machine, day in and day out. Simultaneously, we’re always evaluating emerging technologies and new media to keep you ahead of the game.

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