Constantly adapting ourselves to meet challenges, we conceptualise and creates solutions relevant to existing business needs, and in doing so, enlighten ourselves, enrich our values and elevate lives.


At Metabyte, we have always aspired to create solutions in a way that no one has done before. We promise that we will be different in our offerings, dealings and engagement with customers, employees and society.

We’re constantly looking to grow as a company, gaining and sharing knowledge along the way. And we believe that true growth cannot be achieved without the highest levels of integrity and honesty in our trade practices.

The Metabyte Global View

For us, while the customer is of supreme importance, equally important are our employees. This value extends to our employment practices, and we believe in equal opportunities for everyone, free of any form of bias based on gender, religion or ethnic background. That’s why you will find men and women from various ethnic backgrounds, following different faiths, working in an environment of cultural celebration here. Metabyte is a ‘global’ company, in every sense of the word.

The Core 


MetaByte’s leadership brings a vast reserve of knowledge and expertise to all our client engagements. Our leaders have diverse backgrounds, from entrepreneurial start-ups to working at large consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies. Each of them has between 15 and 20 years of experience and they have a track record of building successful teams, taking a hands-on approach towards creating new and inspired pathways for our company and our clients.


With extensive expertise in solving complex business problems across a wide range of industries, our consultants bring an unrivalled passion for continuous learning and collaboration to their work. This experience and passion enables us to make an immediate, meaningful impact on our clients’ business. Since our founding in 2012, we have been consistently recognised for delivering unparalleled client service for large organisations like the Government, Manufacturing Industries, Financial Institutions, Airlines Industry, etc.


Talent, passion and ingenuity, with a definitive mix of curiosity, creativity and sheer hard work, are the characteristics that best describe the people that work at Metabyte. Our success is a result of our ability to solve complex business problems through our resourcefulness, our experience and our knowledge of cutting edge technologies. We are completely focused on delivering only the highest quality of solutions to our clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Compassion has always been one of the primary values we live by at Metabyte. We understand that we have a responsibility towards the society that we operate in and strive to make a difference in whatever way we can.

We support and contribute to many programs that work towards enriching the lives of deprived and denied  individuals.

We support and contribute to many programs that work towards enriching the lives of deprived and denied  individuals. Our founders are involved in some of the noblest causes and encourage our employees to be part of it.

Some of them are:

HelpAge India: We are associated with this NGO that works for the betterment of the status of the elderly in society, working towards sensitising the society towards their needs, urging governing bodies to create policies for their empowerment based on those needs, and ensuring that the elderly are aware of their rights and can continue to be an active part of society.

World Food Programme: An initiative of the United Nations to address the issue of hunger in the world which provides food relief to people in areas affected by emergencies, and then continues to provide relief after the emergency has passed, until the people have reached a level of self-sustenance.

Specifically, we are associated with the UAE leg of this project in preventing food wastage. It is estimated that uneaten food comprises up to 33-35% of the landfill waste in UAE. Being involved with the World Food Programme, we are aware of what a colossal waste this is, and are dedicated to doing our bit so that this grim statistic is reduced.

Back to Home Programme: We work with the Indian Consulate and other social organisations, with the aim to guide and help hapless individuals stranded in detention centres and labour camps due to unfair trade practices and human trafficking by helping them make their way back to their home countries.