Organisations have numerous home grown as well as industry inspired business processes. In order to function in an optimal manner, businesses adopt various best practices that suit their current businesses.

More and more organizations these days embrace standards and try and follow guidelines that have proved themselves to work well in other parts. IT Organizations are overwhelmed with numerous  industry standards which usually end up merely as decorated embellishments on walls.

Metabyte looks beyond this. While appreciating the value that these certifications bring to an organisation, Metabyte doesn’t just look at it purely, for example, from the  ISO 20000 or ISO 27001 certification angle. We focus on the underlying best practices of these standards which are ITIL and ISMS respectively.

Many a times organisations enthusiastically embark on these certifications just to find them to be an overkill or daunting task, when only specific parts of the guidelines are all that is needed.

We don’t just look at it from the mere  ISO 20000 or ISO 27001 certification angle, but focus on the underlying best practices based on ITIL and ISMS respectively.

Metabyte looks at the maturity of an organisation and suggests phases, what exactly is required, to accomplish the tasks at hand. Generally the outcome of these best practice engagements are a stack of manual documents and instructions to follow, comprising of various sub-processes and tasks. Adding to the chaos of standards implementations are buy-ins from multiple stake-holders, since it touches numerous other departments.

Metabyte is in a unique position to suggest what suits an organisation and its various departments, based on maturity levels and needs. This could range from mitigating operational risk in Basel 3 , IT Service Management, ISMS, TIPA (Tudor IT Process assessments) to BCM (Business Continuity Management).

Metabyte doesn’t just maximise these processes but also enables and automates them through specific technology solutions. This way a well-defined best practice can be put into motion on a real time basis.