We at Metabyte believe that in the future all mundane operational and functional repetitive services, especially ones that require human intervention, will be completely automated.

There are endless possibilities in automating, and can be employed in organisations offering varied kinds of products and services, whether it is a regular back office administrative function of a financial services company, an IT operational issue that requires constant L1 and L2 support or replacing boring and repetitive jobs that involve human labour.

Metabyte believes in automation. Services are getting replaced with “virtual work forces” or “ physical robots” that can perfectly execute assigned tasks on a 24×7 basis. If it is IT operations, the automations can be configured within the ITSM framework and designed based on operational models.

Metabyte believes in automation.

These automated virtual workforces have the ability to act based on the problems posed, and can interact and perform in tandem with already existing solutions. The same applies to back office functions that involve repeating the same processes and procedures on a daily basis, or being asked to respond quickly to support ever changing business demands.

Robotics is gaining momentum especially in light of outsourcing. Businesses are looking to introduce light weight robots into the routine manufacturing tasks involved in anything from heavy industries to consumer goods.

Metabyte helps in assessing, consulting, developing use case by automating  IT,  business processes and manufacturing tasks, subsequently helping  in cutting costs, solving resource crunches and reversing in-sourcing.