Organisations world over understand the importance of investing in their human resource.

At Metabyte, our Technology Incubation Services aim to invest in employees with a entrepreneurial bend of mind to develop new lines of businesses and technologies. This includes incubating promising technologies which have global significance.

Upon identifying potential, Metabyte takes responsibility of the entire process with a detailed progress map that involves innovation, strategising, product management, coaching, road mapping and bringing out the final product.

Our service helps start-up organisations to promote innovations consistent with their aspirations and some of the services offered for incubation are:

·         Technology transfer and commercialisation

·         Obtaining financing and venture funding

·         Coaching incubation teams

·         Provision of incubation services

·         Governance and strategy for incubators

·         PR and branding for incubators

·         External network development, and strategic alliances

·         Intellectual property strategy and tactics for exploitation of technology

·         Product development and design advice for incubating companies

·         Market Plans