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With the shutdown of TelexFREE, there is a wealth of information from the SEC on how scams like TelexFREE run.  A business opportunity by the name of Argent Global Network was brought to my attention by the company’s promotion, and it looks like it is running the same type of scam as TelexFREE. Let’s take a look and see if that is the case.

What Argent Global Network Claims

Argent Global Network is like a traffic exchange that rewards you with a share in revenues (cash) rather than give you credits.

Argent Global Network an opportunity to work from home. An online business that can generate anywhere from $200-$400 in real income per day online.

Argent Global Network offers online advertising solutions that helps to drive traffic to your business and generate for you business revenues.

Here is a video that shows how this scam is presented.

Argent Global Network Presentation Video 1

What Argent Global Network Really is

Victor Rival 1

Victor Rival is the CEO of the Argent Global Network.

It was founded in 2013.

Compensation Plan

Option 1:

Free Subscriber

Place up to 5 online advertisements per day for 60 days.

Once your 60 days have ended, upgrade by subscribing to one of the paid subscription options discussed below.

Argent Global Network Image 1 1024x213 1

Option 2:

Paid Subscriber

Subscription levels:
Silver ($10/month), Gold ($50/month) or Diamond ($100/month)

Purchase one or more AGN packages. Note, that package purchases are final and non-refundable. How many packages you can buy depends on your subscription level:

Silver Subscribers can purchase up to 20 packages;

Gold Subscribers can purchase up to 50 packages;

Diamond Subscribers can purchase up to 100 packages.

Place daily online ads based on the number of packages purchased.

Argent Global Network Image 21

Package commissions allow you to earn money on a weekly basis from the packages purchased. Earnings will expire when the package has expired.

Package Name Cost Weekly Earning Expiration Date
Basic  $150 $10 1 year
Basic Plus  $300 $20 1 year
Premium  $600 $40 1 year
VIP  $1200 $80 1 year
VIP Plus  $2400 $160 1 year

You must place the required ads per day to receive the full weekly amount. A daily deduction of 20% will apply for each day missed up to 3 days. After three days, the weekly earnings will be forfeited.

Recruiting And Matrix Commissions

  • For Silver Member referral you receive $2.
  • For Gold Premium referral you receive $10.
  • For Diamond Premium referral you receive $20.
  • Free members are placed in the matrix, but they can’t earn from their upgraded referrals.


  • $10.00 Monthly Subscription.
  • Silver member automatically have 10 PV.
  • Personal Volume per Premium Subscription Level:

Silver – 10 PV

Gold – 50 PV

Diamond – 100 PV.

Argent Global Network Image 3


  • $50.00 Monthly Subscription.
  • Gold members automatically have 50 PV each month.
  • Personal Volume per Premium Subscription Level:

Silver – 10 PV

Gold – 50 PV

Diamond – 100 PV.

Argent Global Network Image 4


  • $100 Monthly Subscription.
  • Diamond members automatically have 100 PV.
  • Personal Volume per Premium Subscription Level:

Silver – 10 PV

Gold – 50 PV

Diamond – 100 PV.

Argent Global Network Image 5

Comparison Between Scams

Here is how the Argent Global Network is described by a new member.

One month ago, I started my Network Marketing adventure.  I was nervous, worried but excited. I had every confidence in Argent Global Network as I personally know many professional people who have joined up and are earning excellent returns every week. They showed me their online accounts proving the money they have received since joining.

So I joined and I purchased 60 Ad Packs and began placing 6 advertisements every day. I specifically wanted to generate a good weekly income so I targeted $600 US dollars per week.  My online AGN account provided me with a dashboard that allows users to control Ads, transfer money to and from your bank and manage all aspects of your online marketing work.

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I found placing the Adverts a very simple exercise. The six AD boxes are listed in my online account and every day I must click on each box and follow the link to the Advertisement. I input the ad details to the online link and copy the confirmation of the newly posted ad. I go back to my AGN dashboard and paste the confirmation link. This completed the process of placing an Ad. I repeated this process 6 times and my days work is complete. – Source

Basic Plus Ad Pack Price: $300
No. of Ads Placed Per Day: 1
Income Per Week: $20
Income Per Year: $1,040

Here is how the TelexFREE scam was described before it was shutdown.

The “AdCentral” program cost $339 ($50 membership fee plus $289 contract fee) for a 52-week contract. Promoters in the AdCentral program received ten one month packages of “99TelexFree” VoiP service and were required to place one internet ad per day. For each week that AdCentral promoters placed the required number of ads, they received one additional VoiP package. AdCentral promoters who posted the necessary ads were promised a weekly $20 payment, or $1,040 for the year. An AdCentral promoter who completed one 52-week contract was thus supposed to receive $1,040 – an annual return of 207% on an investment of $339.

TelexFREE was operating a classic pyramid. Because revenues from VoiP sales were so small, TelexFREE was forced to use money from newer investors to make its payments to older investors.

 – Source SEC

From the comparison in payments and returns for the Argent Global Network and TelexFREE you can see that they are using almost exactly the same Ponzi scheme to take peoples money. Also, they are using almost exactly the same ad placement method to fool people into thinking they are involved in something legitimate.

Argent Global Network is definitely a scam. Everything started going downhill on July 25th, 2014. Since then there has been nothing but empty promises. They say, “Just be patient. We’re being honest with you. We have to come up with a new business model in order to be US compliant, and then we’ll be up and running and everyone will get the money they are owed.” Victor Rival even promised on a conference call he would pay people out of his own pocket if he had to. They kept holding conference calls assuring everyone that everything will be up and working soon. But when members started to try to get some money out, all of a sudden things don’t work. They claim that the bank they switched to is at fault. They tell everyone, we are sending out your debit cards this week. The cards never came. The next week, “We are sending out your debit cards this week.” Cards still never came. Oh, well you have to be verified, submit your documents to make sure you’re verified. We submitted our documents, never got verified, cards still have not been sent. ARGENT GLOBAL NETWORK IS A SCAM. THEY STOLE A LOT OF PEOPLE’S MONEY AND MADE OFF WITH IT. THEY ARE THIEVES. LYING, SCHEMING, FILTHY THIEVES. Now, they are not even giving members their payouts for package earnings. They claim they will be working on things behind the scenes and will be back in January. Until then, they ask that we continue to post ads so their site stays popular, but we won’t be getting paid for it. WE CAN’T EVEN SEND THEM EMAILS OR GET IN TOUCH WITH THEM IN ANY WAY, NOR WILL WE HEAR ANY UPDATES UNTIL THEY “COME BACK.” I don’t think they’re coming back. I think they got the money they wanted and they’re sitting pretty and don’t care about all the lives they’ve ruined. Personally, I’m submitting them for Internet fraud to the FBI. Not sure what that will do, but I still have to do something.


The Argent Global Network scam is operating a Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme like TelexFREE which was recently shutdown.  If you are involved with the Argent Global Network, I would recommend you get your money back now.  If you are not involved, you can count yourself fortunate. Avoid the Argent Global Network scam.

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